Opening Day Sat. 8/24

Posted by ALBANY-BERKELEY SOCCER CLUB on Aug 22 2019 at 08:42PM PDT

Orientation, Uniform and equipment pickup
Harrison Field Complex 4th & Harrison, Berkeley

9:00 am U5 New parent meeting 9:30am uniform pickup
10:00 am U6 New parent meeting 10:30am uniform pickup
11:00 am U7/U8 New parent meeting 11:30am uniform pickup
12:00pm U9/U10 New parent meeting 12:30am uniform pickup

  • Bring your used gear for the free used gear table***

10:00am – 11:00 am Team Managers Meeting U6-U11

10:00am -12 noon Equipment Pickup for Coaches U7-U11

Aug 26 U8-U19 Teams begin practices
Sept 3 U7 Teams begin practices
Sept 7/8 1st Games U8-U19 Recreational Program
Sept 14/15 1st Games U6 and U7 Recreational Program
Sept 14/15 U5 Program Begins